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Grant is a live musician with over 1,000 events performed in his career. When he's not living out his dream with music, he's enjoying biking, hiking, craft brews, and spending time with his family - just  a few squeaks of a mountain bike outside Denver, Colorado.


A Superb Singer Songwriter... 
Grant Reed is a superb singer songwriter. His music radiates a rich experience that is grounded in the keen insight of the human condition cultivated through personal experience. Embodied in the rare combination of talent and a driven work ethic, Grant Daniel Reed stands poised for greatness. 
-Shane Adams 
GRAMMY  Nominated President of Artist Accelerator 

A Phenomenal Voice... 
Grant Daniel Reed is by far the most popular, crowd, and vendor requested musician I have had the pleasure of booking. This is his second year performing at the largest Denver Farmer's Market, the Cherry Creek Fresh Market. His acoustic guitar, lead vocals and original music are very well received. His live performances are comprised of many layers of sound creating a quality experience and an overall fun atmosphere. 
Judy Burke 
Program Director Colorado Fresh Markets 

A Fine Musician... 
Grant’s music, as well as his voice, strike just the right balance of edge and tenderness. He’s a fine musician who will not disappoint. A+! 
Will Robertson, Instructor, Berklee Online 

Highly Recommended for Weddings or Any Event… 
Many people commented on what a great job he did and how beautiful the music was. We would highly recommend Grant for your wedding or any event. 
Rick & Becky, Lovebirds


It's no surprise for those who know him ...Grant is a rocker with heart.

Grant gets it. Life isn't always easy. But as he says, Music helps us to handle the world.

His music moves. It's heartfelt. It's fun. And his emotion has a way of drawing people in.

Grant plays live several times a month. His hope is that when people listen, they will be able to take a break from their worries, have fun, and just BE. 

When I'm writing songs, the first thing I think about is the story. Sometimes it's mine. Sometimes it's someone I care about. When I write, I feel it rising from deep within my soul. When I feel it at that level, I know other people will experience some of what I'm feeling too. And hopefully that means something to those sharing that space with me. And that's why I pour my heart and soul into the lyrics and melodies I choose.

When leading a full band, he is often compared to artists like One Republic and Imagine Dragons. When solo, he often covers artists like Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Mat Kearney and others.

It all started for Grant when he was a kid. 

I remember getting a small Casio keyboard for Christmas when I was 9. I started playing and I couldn't put it down. I took it to school and played in front of a few hundred classmates. Someone held a microphone up to the little speaker because we didn't have any other way to amplify it.

Getting to make music hooked me for life. When I realized I could create a song that had never been heard before, I got addicted fast.

That's when I understood what people meant when they told me, "You didn't choose music. It chose you." 

One day an avid supporter heard a couple of Grant's songs and then dropped a heavy check in his lap – it was the beginning of his music career. 

It's never been about the money for me. It's always been about the experience - the love, the hope, and the feelings of life we share as humanity. The money that I get in doing this just lets me to do more of what I love - make music and help people remember they are not alone. That's something I want to do every day for the rest of my life.

Grant is pure inspiration - both on stage and in his creation process.

His mantra's, Life is too short. Go for it!

He energizes a room with music when he plays live. Book him and feel it for yourself.